Links to publications, 2015-2016

Four prose pieces from "The Animals Know," stories about Marc Chagall and Virginia Haggard McNeil, at Olentangy Review. December 2016.

"Them, Not Us" at Writing in a Woman's Voice. December 2016.

"Come Back," in February Dance issue at Flash-Frontier

"Going South" in The Best Small Fiction 2016, editor Stuard Dybek. September 2016.

Essay and recipe included at Handwritten Works. October 2016.

"White Legs in Green Water," "Tonight, One Regret" and "My Twenties" at the Peacock Journal, August 2016. 

"Come Back" included in the Dance issue at Flash-Frontier, February 2016

"Not That New York, in the spring issue at River River Journal, March 2016

"Them, Not Us" and "Union, Maine" in the Olentangy Review, Winter Issue

"Chanukah, "Peonies" and "Table Talk" at the Camroc Press Review, December 2015

"Find Me" in the Blue Fifth Notebook Collaborative issue, December 2015

"Daylilies" in A Quiet Courage,

October 20

"Hands Like White Porcelain" and "Wool and Spool" included in Madhat Lit's Winter 2015 issue.