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                          The Virginia Project



Check out Philip Mosley's Resuming Maurice and other essays on writers and celebrity. "The Virginia Project" is mentioned in the essay "A gentlewoman abroad: Virginia Haggard." Available on 


14 women artists interpret Tina Barry's prose poems about Virginia Haggard, Marc Chagall's lover, 

                                                         and her daughter Jean McNeil. 

                                         A written word and visual art exhibition

                                               October 27 - November 25, 2018

                                             The Wired Gallery, High Falls, NY


On January 22, 2019, The Virginia Project opens 

at the Humanities Gallery

at Long Island University, Brooklyn

Opening event: Thursday, 1/31 from 5-7 

The exhibit closes 2/22/19



CheCheCheck out the youtube video of the show:


 Leslie Bender     Barbara Danin


 Jenny Lee Fowler   Jamie Gaul


Trish Classe Gianakis  


Wendy Hollender   Heige Kim


V and Jean in snow_edited.jpg

Ingrid Keppler Lisowski   Kate McGloughlin


Giselle Potter    Adie Russell    Amy Talluto   


Anique Sara Taylor   Lori van Houten

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