"After Discovering Mother's Passport" in the winter issue at Panoply Zine, 1/7/22. 

"Her Hair, a Braid," reprint, at Moms on Poetry


"While My Mother Dreams of Judge Judy" is included in In the Time of Covid anthology, from Nixes Mate Magazine.

November, 2021

"The Poem Wants to be a Twin" included in the Winter 2021 issue at Rat's Ass Review.

"Pine" included in When Home is Not Safe, Writings on Domestic Verbal, Emotional and Physical Abuse, 9/21.

"Another Server Calls me 'Young Lady,'" a sestina, published at the humor magazine Defenestration, 8/20/21.

"Like Apples" included in the Friendship Anthology, part of the Lifetime Series at Pure Slush, 7/21.

My essay "Writing Pot Roast" included in Issue One at Sage Soup, 5/1/21

"Clairvoyant" included in the Spring 2020 issue at Hobo Camp Review, 4/11/21

"While my Mother Dreams of Judge Judy" included in the spring issue of Nixes Mate, 4/5/21

"Townies" at the 10th-anniversary issue of StepAway Magazine, 3/24/21

"Ink-antation," new hybrid writing, prose poems from Beautiful Raft, and an interview at Diaphanous Micro, 1/10/21.

"Something Amber" chosen as one of 13 Spotlighted stories in The Best Small Fictions 2020 anthology. Sonder Press

"Because I was Lonely" included in the Fall issue of Muddy River Review, 10/16/20.

"Siren" at Writing in a Woman's Voice, August, 2020

"Welcome Ladies Your Name?" at Indolent Books What Rough Beast, 11/7/19

"After the Shooting in El Paso," at NewVerse News, 8/9/19.

"Frida with Monkey" included in A Constellation of Kisses, Terrapin Press, July 2019

Interview about The Virginia Project at Long Island University's Humanities Gallery, 1/22-2/22/19 at WNET ALL Arts.