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"Hosed" was chosen by to be performed at the City Winery, in New York City, 9/10/23. I read at about 22 minutes:

"I tell Henrietta about my father's mistress" is included in the Nixes Mate Summer/Fall 2023 anthology. September 2023

"My Mother Dreams of Judge Judy" included in the August issue of Yellow Mama Literary Magazine. 8/14/23. The poem originally appeared in Nixes Mate, 2021

"Life Drawing" posted at Five Minute Lit.    8/4/23

"I tell Henrietta about the swans" posted at The Maryland Literary Review. 6/22/23

"Another Haunting" published at Ghost City Review. 6/21/23

"Few Words for Father" posted at ONE ART:

a journal of poetry. 6/15/23

"Henrietta and the great flood" included in

A-Minor Magazine's 13th anniversary issue. 5/31/23

Writing tip posted at Vancouver Flash Fiction.

May 28th, 2023

Two micros, one published 10 years ago, and one recent micro that responds to it, included in A Cluster of Lights, An Anthology, from the 52/250 project. 

"Ghosts?", "Henrietta asks about my sex life" and "So, your father, Henrietta says" posted at Gone Lawn. 5/5/23

"Another Server Calls Me 'Young Lady,'" posted at Little Old Lady Comedy.

The sestina originally appeared in Defenestration Magazine. 5/1/23

"I tell Henrietta that before I left my boyfriend" and "My year of telling lies," from the Henrietta series, are posted at MacQueen's Quinterly. 4/30/23

My poem "Here Lies Butch" is included in The Dead Pets Anthology (Transcendent Zero Press). April 2023

"Advice from Rusty's Ex" is posted in issue two of Agape Editions Alice Says Go Fuck Yourself, February 21, 2023. (Page 12)

"Oh, the carnies," from the Henrietta series, is posted at Trampset. February 17, 2023. Nominated for the Best of the Net award 2024.

Q &A at the Boston Literary Magazine

February 2023

"Why mermaids upset me," four micros from the Henrietta series, posted in the February issue of the South Florida Poetry Journal, 2/2/23

Four prose poems from the Henrietta series posted in the Fall 2022 issue of Thimble Literary Magazine, 12/30/22

"The Little I Remember," originally published at Rattle, is featured at Verse-Daily, 12/29/22

"The Little I Remember" is included in the #78 Winter 2022 issue of Rattle. December 2022

My essay "Coming Full Circle" appeared in Circle Ahead, a style magazine with a focus on sustainability in the fashion industry . December 2022

"I mention the deer," from the Henrietta series, posted at The Maryland Literary Review. 12/15/22 

"Lilies" and "Mother's Ready" included in the Winter 2022 issue of Orchards Poetry Journal.


"Throwing Shade," a collaborative poem with Lissa Kiernan, is posted at The Fourth River. November 16, 2022

"Like Apples" included in the Friendship Anthology, Pure Slush, July 2021

"Writing Pot Roast" posted at Sage Soup, 2021

"Clairvoyant," posted at Hobo Camp Review, April 2021

"Townies" included in Stepaway Magazine's 10-year anniversary issue, 3/21

"Another Poem in which I Bitch About Being Called 'Young Lady'" is included in Gyroscope Review's Fall 2022 Crone Power issue. (Page 11)

"Something Amber" is a spotlighted story in The Best Small Fictions Anthology, 2020, 1/21

"Ink-antation" at Diaphanous Micro, 1/21

"Mother's Ready" is posted at ONE ART: a journal of poetry, 10/22/22

Three poems from the Henrietta series posted at Unbroken. October, 2022

"Hide Away," from Beautiful Raft, featured in Karen Paul Holmes' "Telling Your Story Through Another's Eyes," at Tweet Speak.

Three poems from the Henrietta series posted

at Bending Genres, August 2022

"Lilies" posted at ONE ART: a journal of poetry, May 2022

"Because I was Lonely" posted at the Muddy River Poetry Review, 10/20

"Welcome Ladies your name?" posted at What Rough Beast, Indolent Books, 11/19

Big Table Publishers releases

 Beautiful Raft, my book of prose poems about the artist Marc Chagall's lover Virginia Haggard, and her daughter Jean McNeil, October, 2019

"After the Shooting in El Paso" posted at New Verse News, 8/9/19

"Gray Pearls" posted at Verse-Virtual, April 2022

"After Discovering Mother's Passport" was a finalist at the Stephen A. DiBiase Poetry Prize, April 2022

"After Discovering Mother's Passport" posted at the Panoply Zine, January 2022

"Her Hair, a Braid," from Mall Flower, posted at Moms on Poetry, November 2021

"While Mother Dreams of Judge Judy" included in Nixes Mate Review's In the Time of Covid Anthology, 2021

"The Poem Pretends to be a Twin," posted in the Rat's Ass Review, Winter 2021

"Pine" included in the When Home Is Not Safe Anthology, McFarland Books, September 2021

"Another Server Calls me 'Young Lady'" posted at Defenestration Magazine, August 2021

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